About Us

Helene Lazareff

Hélène Lazareff, a Paris-raised journalist, founded the legendary ELLE Magazine on November 21st, 1945. At that time, the French capital had been ravaged by war, and Lazareff had returned to her beloved city after several years in New York City, working in the media industry. The successful writer dreamt of a women’s magazine whose key editorial approach was to open women’s minds to diverse trends throughout the world and provide them with exclusive access to the fashion and beauty industries. Lazareff achieved her goal, and ELLE — a magazine for women, run by a woman — was born.

“Seriousness in frivolity and irony in graveness.”


  Elle Parfums were created for the ELLE woman. Perfectly imperfect, she exudes effortlessly chic style. Charming and playfully bold, she is committed to global women empowerment. Our collection of delicately fruity floral fragrances and body mists are effortless enough to wear all day and elegant enough to wear all night.