NaturELLE Give Back Programme

Introducing the new NaturELLE range, a collection of meticulously crafted fragrances that spotlight ingredient excellence, sourced sustainably and ethically.

By staying true to our brand's commitment to empowering women, we have established giveback initiatives supporting women and girls in the communities where we source our key natural ingredients.

Beyond a socially responsible program, the NaturELLE range is cruelty-free, and suitable for both vegetarians & vegans. Our ethical objectives extend to our packaging, made from agricultural waste, and designed for recyclability. For every fragrance sold, 13% of the revenue will directly contribute to these impactful programmes.



Anisha Give Back Programme

The Anisha program supports girls in Indonesia where we source the Patchouli in our Anisha fragrance.

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Key Challenges to Address:

Approximately 80,000 children are estimated to be victims of sex trafficking in Indonesia, with a concerning statistic revealing that 30% of female sex workers in the country have been affected by child sex trafficking.

ANISHA Give Back Initiative:

The Anisha program supports girls affected by child sex trafficking in Indonesia. ELLE Parfums donates directly to the Rumah Faye Charity in Batam, Indonesia that runs a safehouse for victims of child sex trafficking.



Azra Give Back Programme

The Azra program supports the local women that harvest the roses in the Rose & Nashi Pear fragrance. The rose oil is sustainably sourced from Serbia, and 90% of the rose harvesters are women. 

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Key Challenges to Address:

Enabling women to have a supplementary income source.

AZRA Give Back Initiative:

The Azra program actively supports a women's association in the Nis region of Serbia, fostering entrepreneurship among local women to enhance their income.

Empowering these women, the association invests in machinery to convert raw materials into alternative revenue streams by producing a diverse range of marketable products.



Indra Give Back Programme

The Indra programme supports women and children affected by domestic violence in New Caledonia, where the sandalwood in the Santal and Mimosa is sustainably sourced.

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Key Challenges to Address:

Domestic violence in New Caledonia is seven times higher than Europe, and 90% of the victims are women.

INDRA Give Back Initiative:

The Indra program directly supports Foyer Bethanie, a women’s shelter that provides emergency accommodation and support for women and children that are victims of domestic violence.

The Indra program has funded the refurbishment of dormitories, including new bedding within the Foyer Bethanie shelter. 



Mira Give Back Programme

The Mira program supports girls' education in Madagascar, specifically in the region where we harvest the vanilla for our Mira, Vanilla & Praline fragrance.

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Key Challenges to Address:

Access to education for girls in Madagascar

MIRA Give Back Initiative:

Inspiring young girls in Madagascar to attend school, the Mira program supplies essential school equipment.

Approximately 650 girls in the Sava Region benefit from school kits provided by Mira, including the daughters of BioVanilla workers, our vanilla supplier for the Mira fragrance.

The program's objective is to highlight the importance of education for girls in the Sava region, where we source our vanilla.